Some common fears about buying at public auction...

"The dealers all buy so I can never afford to buy."
"I’ll buy something I don’t want."
“They’ll take my bid when I don't want to bid.”
“I don't know how much to spend.”

...and some answers to those concerns from Shinabery’s:

Buying at an auction is a fun, easy way to get a bargain
or find an item of special value to you. Auctions are the
last frontier free enterprise, and one of the most exciting
ways to shop.

About Auctioneers:

Auctioneers are professional licensed individuals who are bonded
by the State to protect you. They must attend school. To better
work for their clients, they maintain their education through
seminars, professional organizations and extended courses
like CAI (Certified Auctioneers Institute) at Indiana University.
There are laws and requirements auctioneers must follow to
keep their licenses, so you are protected. We belong to Indiana
Auctioneers Association and the National Auctioneers Association.

Budget Yourself: Get a price in mind beforehand, and you will never spend too much.

Payment: The method of payment is check, cash, (Mastercard, Visa & Discover when available)

Receiving Your Items: At any time during the auction or when it’s over, you can go to the cashier, pay your bill, pick up your items and leave. You can also make arrangements to pick items up later.

Leaving Bids: Many auctioneers offer the service of “call-in bids”. If you need to leave and your item has not come to the block, you can leave the highest bid you would spend on the item. There will be an assigned bidder to bid as if you were there, getting the article for the best price, not necessarily the highest bid you left. Naturally, if another bidder bids higher than your left bid, you will not receive the item.

Requests: If there are items you want auctioned at a certain time, you can make requests from the Shinabery’s personnel and they will do every thing they can to get the item up for bid for you.

Dealers: Dealers buy for their clients and for profit, so bidding against them is easy - their bid is less than what the item sells for at their shop. Remember, if you want an article, set a price in your mind beforehand, and you never spend too much.

Terms Used

Auctioneer - Person who invites the bidding at certain increments, calls the final price and knocks down the item on the block.

Ringman or Bid Assistant - Person who stands in front and helps the auctioneer take bids, delivers items to the bidder, and brings more items to the block.

Clerk - Person who writes down all auctioned items, the final bidders number and the bid, so the auctioneer will have a record and you’ll have a receipt. Many auctioneers tape their auctions so if there is any problem they can run back the tape and listen to it.

Cashier - Person(s) who registers your name and gives you a bidder number, adds up your bill, and gives you a receipt after you pay.

Choice - Bidding on one item in a group, high bidder can take any items, each at the bid price.

By the Piece - Buying all items at the individual item price. Example, you buy 6 glasses at $2 for 1 glass, total is $12.

Call-In Bid - Bid in writing executed by auction personnel, from absentee bidder.

Reserve - Price wanted at auction.


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